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A Girl Dressed Up Like A Beloved Childhood Character On Tinder Is An Odd But Genius Move





I grew up a big Carmen Sandiego guy. Educational and featuring colorful characters along with strangely dressed white men on the TV show doing Pitch Perfect before Pitch Perfect was a glimmer in some producer’s eye. It’s a great choice of character for a girl to dress up as any Halloween. But even moreso, as long as this girl isn’t some weird Carmen Sandiego fetishist, you’ve got to be curious here. Everybody loves nostalgia, that’s like 90% of why Buzzfeed got popular. If you’re kind of a cute girl but maybe not anything over the top hot, why not dress up like a character to get more attention from guys? You know how many Belles, Jessica Rabbits, and Wilma Flinstones I’d swipe right on? I’d probably abstain from a legless girl dressing up like The Little Mermaid, but still, a lot of sexy characters out there to break out. All you need is a vaguely competent lookalike and guys would definitely grade on a curve as a result. You’ve got to stand out as a guy or girl somehow, that’s Tinder marketing 101. Personally I’d even let her play a Rockapella album in bed. (via JLR)


And hey we’re back for another week of the Tinder blog! I’m now a year older but also have a solid winter tan as a result of my week off so I’ll bring my sunny disposition and cool island rhythms to the table as best I can. Follow me on Twitter to send me your screenshots (my DMs are open for confidentiality), and as my barely retained Spanish knowledge would have had me say in the Dominican Republic, vayamos!





(via RN)



I really want this one to be fake but I couldn’t find anything reverse searching the image so now I’m just sad (via JC)






#billsmafia doing #billsmafia things, threesomes as appealing as EJ Manuel at quarterback (via MJ)




Cutting to the Chase So Your Boyfriend Can Suck A Guy’s Dick 101 (via Lucas)








Have I got the man for her:



(via BM)





I really want to make fun but I respect the hell out of this, even if her thighs would look like that even if she weren’t doing core lifts (via DLC)




Need her and the little woman above reenacting the classic “Pump you up” SNL sketch real bad (via TS)





Normally I would think this is a joke but her name is spelled Paityn so all bets are off (via RB)




This isn’t sexy aggressive, this is just regular old terrifying aggressive (via Ryan)





If she’s real, I’d vote her to be the first woman President over Hillary 100 times out of 100 (via SG)




Warning: Knowing girls, this could just mean she talks a lot (via DB)





Someone got lost on the way to the Reader’s Digest app (via KS)




And I have standards. Sometimes. (via EB)





This is the pizza equivalent of girls that say “No hookups” (via TF)





I will allow a girl dressed like this in her pic to say “No hookups” but ONLY if she also posts a winky face, kissy face, or a sly face, same as my newly established rules for Tinder tranny bio disclosure (via TIF)




She definitely didn’t come up with it, still fairly amusing because she sort of looks like Staten Island Jenna Marbles (via SS)





Not sure what this says about me but this made me think that HGTV shows need more big titted ladies selling houses (via Turtle)





This week’s reminder that you might pinch and zoom on a tranny’s photo because you’re baffled by the dick tuck game (via NP)






I will agree that she is not my average good girl (via CL)





As someone who is good at Jenga and not so good at unwanted pregnancy, I respectfully disagree (via BL)





A more appropriate first name might be Despair (via GG)





Now these faces are perfectly what I’d expect from a Tinder threesome request (via DG)




Come on, we can’t just keep making up these terms (via JG)





I bet her bedroom would smell like shit with Captain as a pet but I kinda love that rabbit (via EB)





If I were that crime tape, I’d rather be on the scene of a grizzly murder honestly (via BJB)





There’s a first time for everything (via RZ)






Granted the only thing I know about the subject is getting screenshots for this blog but I feel like New England Asian girls are the hottest Asian girls outside of maybe California (via Al)




At least we know why this marriage failed: Cargo shorts (via DT)





Surfer chicks get all the credit but snowboard chicks are like their cool but paler cousins (via M)





This is arguably the most polite request for sex anyone will ever put on this app (via Tom)





What a rough test for women, would they trade a life of puppies, pizza, and compliments for a fat dude in camo who smells like animal corpses? Tough call, tough call (via CR)




For the man who’s always dreamed of having sex with a very dense cloud (via Ehrms)







I’m not sure if I’m willing to allow Bumble screenshots into the blog on the regular but I was a fan of this one (via DP)





With an ass like that I don’t think you could avoid smacking it due to the gravitational pull (via MSC)





And here’s this week’s reminder that girls would probably fuck a tranny too (via CB)





And onto the hot and maybe a bit NSFW ones…






I’ve had this girl in the Tinder blog before for that rack and the only reason I knew for sure is because I’ve already followed her on Instagram #barstoolconfessions (via CC)




The Xs on the nips say otherwise (via JN)




Personally I’d rather spend time with the twins (via CMcK)




Supergirl does not seem like she would be very aerodynamic up top (via DM)




It’s messed up that the girls who hate bras the most are the ones you want to see the pokies of the least but still, beggars can’t be choosers (via RP)




This is where every guy in the world except this girl’s dad hopes she’s not a bot (via Jersey Esq)





Awful text on the pic but the strategically unzipped shorts help balance it out (via NM)




This Kandis Kane girl was in the Tinder blog months back and I speculated she’d be the world’s first hooker billionaire…she must be WELL on the way (via DP)





Nothing like a girl who sets the bar extra low entirely on her own (via DF)




Great pic but it’s still poor design to talk about scary movies in a photo with Christmas lights up (via DM)





This pic pose would be a sweet 16-bound #12 seed in an NCAA Nudes tourney(via DL)





(via BC)




A++ white girl booty (via TR)





All three of these are the same girl and I have to say this kind of consistency should be rewarded with free alcohol…uh…if you card her first and confirm she’s 21. Yeah. That. (via DC)



This might be the new standard bearer for Tinder aggressiveness in this blog, proud of you girls (via BF)



And this week’s NSFW cherries on top are here. Thanks to everyone who sent something in, send me your screenshots on Twitter and pray for my vacation bloating. Oh and happy swiping!