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The Best Thing About The New Adele Song Is That Michael From The Wire Is In The Video

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Okay so Adele came out with her first music video in 3 years today and it’s fire.  I don’t wanna gloss over that part because it is a really good song BUT LOOK WHO’S IN THE MUSIC VIDEO.  Our old friend Michael from The Wire!  My favorite of the four kids from my favorite season of my favorite TV show! Everyone and their mother are freaking out about how great the song is and I’m just over here beaming like a proud father that yet another Wire alumni is getting his face splashed all over the internet and the world.  Good for Michael. I can’t tell you how many tweets and headlines I’ve seen today that say, “Who is that young stud in the new Adele video?!”  I actually like seeing that kind of stuff because it’s like those of us who have seen The Wire are in on the secret. We’ve known about him since way back when. We’ve known him since he was just a puppy with big paws.


PS- This is also a great opening at the bar this weekend.  Girls are no doubt gonna be talking about Adele’s new song and wanting to play it on the juke box. This is your in. They’ll be all, “Ermagherd did you see the new Adele music video?!  It’s soooooooo good. And how about the guy in it? So hot. Who is he?” and you can be all like, “Oh that’s Michael from The Wire. Let me tell you about his time in West Baltimore.”  Boom. You just got laid.