Instead Of Blaming The Refs Michigan Fans Should Blame John Beilein Because I've Never Seen Anyone Get More Out Coached Than He Did Last Night

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I don’t know whether it was because Michigan gave behind the scene access to the CBS cameras throughout the entire game (probably was) or someone at CBS is friends with John Beilein but that was one of the worst coaching jobs I have ever seen in a big game. Out coached from end to end. And yet it wasn’t even discussed once during the game. All about the refs and Luke Hancock and Kevin Ware, not one comment about John Beilein basically taking the national Championship and throwing it in the garbage. If Spike Albrecht doesn’t catch fire in the first half last night was a blowout. Everything Beilein did was the wrong decision. As amazing as Spike was in the first half, and he was incredible, he had no business playing the entire second half like he did. He buried his starting 2 guard, playing him 19 minutes, he buried his best player and the consensus national player of the year when he got in foul trouble, and his best big man didn’t play down the stretch because he had 4 fouls. Its the National Championship for christ sakes. You don’t think Trey Burke is smart enough to not foul at the end of the first half when Louisville is going on a 12-1 run to get back in the game? You don’t think Mitch McGary can’t foul with 5 minutes left in the game? How you don’t trust your players to play intelligent basketball when you need to do everything to win is crazy to me.

And then at the end of the game when you actually do need to foul, you take McGary out because he has 4 and totally forget to do the same with Trey Burke. 10 seconds off the lock because Burke can’t foul and the ball is right in front of him. Three timeouts left with under a minute to go and you can’t adequately play Offense/Defense? That game could have been extended by 5-6 possessions and instead Beilein flat out choked. So I don’t know why he’s getting a pass or why any of the heat is on the refs because Michigan wins that game last night if they get a B+ coaching job from Beilein. That’s it. Didn’t even have to be perfect, he just needed to do anything besides what he actually did.



Only thing Beilein did better was not act like a complete pussy when the confetti gun went off.



Oh and he probably lasted more than 15 seconds with his wife, so that’s cool too I guess.