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The Owner Of The St Louis Rams Is Just Casually Building a Privately Funded 80,000 Person Stadium in LA

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LBS – It seems evident that an NFL team will be moving to Los Angeles in the near future, and the St. Louis Rams have emerged as the most likely franchise to relocate. The Los Angeles Times reports that Rams owner Stan Kroenke is teaming up with Stockbridge Capital Group and planning to build an 80,000-seat NFL stadium in Inglewood. Kroenke bought 60 acres adjacent to the Forum last year, and Stockbridge Capital Group owns the 238-acre Hollywood Park site. As the Times notes, several stadium proposals have been brought forth but Kroenke is the first team owner to have secured control of a site large enough for a stadium and parking. The Rams were one of the last teams to call Los Angeles home, having left along with the Raiders following the 1994 season. The proposal for Kroenke’s stadium in LA does not say anything about using tax dollars for construction, meaning the project would be funded with private money. That should make the plan even more appealing.


I feel like this should be a top story of the day but nobody is really talking about it. Stan Kroenke is building his own beauty of a stadium in LA while he owns the Rams. He’s pretty much giving the middle finger to St. Louis right now. Look at that stadium. I think I just became an LA Rams fan based on the stadium alone.


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I’m pretty sure that’s two different stadium designs, but that second motherfucker has wings!

I didn’t realize things were so shitty in St. Louis that the owner would pack up and move to LA like that. Sure the Edward Jones Dome is a shithole, but if he can afford to build his own stadium in LA, what it means is he really hates living in Nellyville and wants to get the fuck out. Can’t blame him. Being around Cards fans 24×7 could even take the wind out of a billionaire’s sails.