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Asshole Soccer Player Gets Hit With A Big Time Flying Drop Kick Outta NOWHERE




Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.26.53 AM



The flying drop kick is an underutilized move in sports brawls imo. Everybody wants to throw haymakers that miss or tackle people to the ground.  And of course there’s always way too much, “Hold me back!  Hold me back!” Nothing gets the party started faster than a flying drop kick.  It’s true that the flying drop kick has a higher degree of difficulty but that just means it’ll be that much sweeter if it lands.  That kid landed it and we saw the results. It dropped the guy instantly. It also helps if the other guy doesn’t see it coming. Nothings happening, nothings happening then all of a sudden he’s got a cleat in his eye. Surprise attack. Anybody else think the guy who got dropkicked was way bigger than everybody else on the field? Take it easy, pal. It looked like he was playing a bunch of toddlers.  Not a good look to get upset and start bullying them around.  An even worse look to get dropped by one of them. Big tree fall hard.