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Goalie Forgets How To Hockey And Scores What Might Be The Worst Own-Goal Of All Time


Puck Daddy - Playing for Fehervar AV19 of the EBEL League in Europe on Dec. 26, Engstrand made a big mistake in a 1-1 game against EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz when his innocent attempt to send the puck behind his net turned into a disaster. Cruel. Just so cruel. Even the play-by-play man is flabbergasted at what he just witnessed. Matthias Iberer would be credited with the goal, his second of the game, and EHC Liwest Black Wings Linz would win 3-1. Is there a “Worst Own Goals of 2014” list that we can retroactively go back and modify, possibly placing Mr. Engstrand’s blunder atop the list?


That’s pretty bad. Pretty….pretty bad. We’ve all made mistakes like that before. Times where we completely lose all sense of what we were supposed to do. When you walk into a room and have no clue why. When you open the fridge and blankly stare for 5 minutes. When you ask a girl on the first date if she’s into anal. Woops, should I not have asked that? I’m joking, I’m joking (I’m not, I’m not). Mistakes happen. One second you’re eating fried calamari, the next second you’re awkwardly pretending to care what she does for a living, thinking to yourself “man, I’ve never done that ‘I need to go to the bathroom and run out the door thing, can I actually get away with it?’ thing”. What I’m saying is can’t blame the goalie for completely stroking out there for a second. It’s not how many girls you ask on the first date if she’s into anal, it’s the one girl that says yes. Words of wisdom.

PS: This goal happened over the weekend too. Three words: Filthy. Boner. Erotic.