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Can I tell you the number one thing thats different about this Mets team? The Big Guy. Fam. Of course Daniel Murphy doing unprecedented things is carrying this team, but they’ve had great hitters in this lineup before. The Beltran’s and the Piazza’s. And yea, the rotation is absolutely stellar, but its a franchise thats been rich with great pitching in the past. The Gooden’s and the Seavers’s etc etc. But what they’ve never had before is a closer as good as Familia. In fact, they’ve always had the total opposite. Their bullpen and their closer have almost always been a goddam disaster. Even the good ones – from Benitez to Wagner to K Rod – always gave you a heart attack. And the Loopers of the world were just automatic blown saves.

And now there’s this ROCK at the end of the game. This monster lurking just waiting to be unleashed. An automatic 3 or 4 or 5 out. Reading to pull the string on that 96 mile per hour splitter and make you dance like a puppet. He’s Jeurys Familia and he’s about to strike you the fuck out. He’s like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or the Promised Land after a long journey. Just make it to him with a lead and he’ll take it from there. After a lifetime of watching Mariano do it for the Yankees its probably been the one thing I’ve been most jealous of during the Yankees dynasty. Stress free baseball in the late innings. Almost guaranteed save conversions. No drama. No heartbreak. Just strikeouts and Ws.