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Trump Retweets Somebody Calling Iowans Brain Damaged, Immediately Deletes It And Blames An Intern

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Not a good look, Donald.  Not a good look on a couple fronts.  One, fuck him for calling Iowans brain dead. I know he blamed the RT on an intern and said it never should’ve happened but if you believe that then you’re the one who has shit for brains. Trump is just mad that he’s now losing Iowa to Ben Carson. Trump let his emotions get the best of him like a slighted ex and retweeted the first bad comment about Iowans he saw. It’s like the girl who Likes every, “You’ll find somebody better! Looooooove you!” comment under the Facebook status about her break up. But Trump needs us.  That’s why he deleted the tweet quick enough to make his toupee fall off and blamed the closest intern. Trump can call out other candidates. He can go after Rand Paul and his Ramen noodle hair or he can go after Jeb for the sins of his brother without apology. People love that shit. But the second he starts attacking important political states? That’s when the sorrys come out. That’s when deleted tweets and fall-guy interns happen.


Second, not a good look for a guy who supposedly never apologizes for anything. I will admit, laugh out loud funny how he said the intern who did the retweet apologizes. Doesn’t matter.  Even if it were just an intern mistake the Trump we’ve come to know would’ve doubled down and called Iowans a bunch of inbred corn fuckers who wouldn’t know a good candidate if it punched them in the face for siding with Carson.