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Smoke Ukranian Mayoral Candidate Has A Stripping Video Leak Just Before The Election

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(DM)The video of a beautiful mayoral candidate writhing around on a bed has emerged just days before potential voters go to the polls. It shows Valeria Prokopenko, 21, who wants to become the next mayor of Odessa in south-west Ukraine, stripping down to her underwear and dancing to pop music. The jobless law graduate claims she made the video to compete in a beauty contest known as ‘Miss Olymp’ and did not expect it to surface before the elections on Sunday. The two minute-long video begins with Prokopenko rolling around on top of her bed in a vest and grey leggings. For most of it, she strolls around the apartment in black pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt – flaunting her legs as a cameraman follows her very closely from behind.  It is suspected an opponent posted it on the internet to damage her chances, but the raunchy footage could have the opposite effect.




Is the opposition’s campaign manager, the guy who I presume leaked this, the dumbest motherfucker alive? You thought this was going to HURT Valeria Prokopenko’s chances? Are you a fucking moron?


Listen, man, hot chicks can do anything they want in the entire world. Yes, we’re all told that as a young age, that we can be anything we put our minds to, but attractive women are the only ones it’s told truthfully to. Sure, they’ll be sexually harassed and judged on their looks every step of the way, but they absolutely can do whatever they want.


In America we had an idiot from Alaska be on the presidential ticket, just because she was kinda pretty and said dumb things in a kind of adorable accent. That was her whole resume. Now she’s a reality star, or maybe she’s not even that anymore, but she still got on the fucking ticket. You thought a sexy strip video was gonna knock some chick off a mayoral ballot? Are you insane? Of course her poll numbers are skyrocketing. Pretty much the only decision that runs through a man’s head is “Can I fuck/jerk off to that?” That’s how we describe food: so good I could fuck it. That’s how we describe sports plays: I could jerk-off to that highlight. It’s how we describe music: that song made me cum. It’s literally our entire world. So, if you show men that they can jerk off to their mayor then she’s getting 100% of the dick vote. Without a doubt.



Releasing this video should cost you your job, you goddamn moron.