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The Redskins Suckitude Murked How Good Things Really Are For DC Sports Right Now

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During our Christmas break I had some time to reflect on everything (drink every night and eat fast food every day), it dawned on me that the Redskins completely ruin everything for me. DC revolves around the Skins. And they are TERRIBLE. I was watching that Cardinals vs Panthers game, and those teams fucking blow. Awful. Sure it’s not the Cardinals fault that Carson Palmer got hurt, but without him they were a Pee Wee team. And what also dawned on me is both of those teams would destroy the Redskins. We are so far from being a playoff team it’s sad. But what it made me realize was the Redskins being so bad during the regular season, and then having protests and bullshit nonstop in the offseason about their team name drags down the rest of the DC sportsphere.

Right now we have one of the best sports cities in the entire country. After getting off to a rocky start the Caps are sitting 9 games above .500. They are 10-5 over their last 15 games, with only 2 regulation losses. So points in 13 of their last 15 games, including that awesome outdoor win vs the Hawks. Ovi is on a hot streak, Backstrom has solidified himself as one of the top 2 way players in the league, and Holtby has been lights out in net.

We have the Wizards 11 games over .500 with one of the top 3 backcourts in the league. Wall and Beal are incredible to watch game in and game out. And Beal just turned 21. Not even close to his prime yet. Wall is the best all around PG in the East. Honestly, the Wizards biggest flaw is their coaching. Randy Wittman is better this year than last year, but man, he still can’t figure out his rotations and his late game coaching at all. It is painful to watch at times. This club should challenge for the top spot in the East if they can put it all together.

And we have the Nats. Coming off a 96-66 season. All the young pitchers back. The bats are back and a year better. Postseason disappointment aside, which obviously is a huge deal, the Nats are still the team to beat in the NL. If Matt Williams just leaves Zimm in that game…man, who knows what may have happened.

And of course the Terps. My alma mater. #12 in the AP poll in basketball. One of the top freshmen in the game in Melo Tremble. A healthy Dez Wells is back. Jake Layman is tearing it up. Damonte Dodd just had a great game against Minnesota. The most excited I’ve been for the Terps since Greivis Vasquez walked out that door. This Maryland basketball team has potential to do some special, special things. I don’t think this year is the year, but next year or maybe the one after, man…it’s definitely a possibility.

So here in this new year I’m going to try to focus on the good, and not on the Redskins. All they do is bring me down, and it’s ridiculous. Everything else in this sports town is buzzing, I’m going to focus less on the team that fucking sucks and will never be good, and focus more on the teams that are crushing it.