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Inmates Who Made The First-Ever Prison Rap Video Get A Combined 20 Years In Solitary Confinement For It

NYDN- Talk about getting a bad rap. Seven South Carolina prison inmates are facing the music for a viral rap video they filmed in 2014 while locked up in a cell. South Carolina’s Kershaw Correctional Institution officials punished the group heavily, giving a combined sentence of over 7,000 days — almost 20 years — in solitary confinement. Public documents revealed by Dave Maass, an investigative researcher for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, showed the inmates would each spend, on average, 1,000 days in solitary confinement for the viral video stunt. The nearly six-minute video was viewed more than a million times on World Star Hip Hop, and features the seven inmates humming and beatboxing with the chorus, “I’m on . . . I’m on fire, I’m on fire” inside a cell. One inmate is standing with his back to the camera, with the SCDC prison shirt on. Most of the rapping inmates are wearing white shirts and du-rags dancing in the background. The viral video stunt came with harsh consequences, as the inmates were punished for throwing gang signs in the video, having a cellphone to film it with and accessing social media to post the clip, prison documents showed.




Lil Dicky ain’t got shit on these guys. LD lit the internet on fire last month by making a lavish video basically for no money.  A cool idea, sure, but these prison inmates have him beat by a mile. I bet their budget was even lower than Dicky’s. They didn’t have to spend a single cent to get their video made. They might’ve had to dole out some menthol cigarettes and butt holes but they made it happen. Oh and then there’s the 20 combined years of solitary confinement they have do but I say WORTH IT. Totally and completely worth it. These guys are pioneers. If you’re going to do something revolutionary or something no one has ever done before you have to be ready for the consequences.  Blazing a trail is dangerous business.  Making the first-ever prison rap video isn’t for the faint of heart. These guys did it and I applaud them. No music? No problem. They’ll just hum a tune and make a blazing hot chorus. I’M ONNNNNNNNNNNNN



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PS- This is the happiest dude in prison making a shitty rap video on a shitty cell phone who is about to spend 1,000 days in solitary confinement that you will ever see



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