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Can You Be More Disrespectful Than Bringing Back This Hotdog When I Asked For A Hotdog With Ketchup?




So as everybody knows Big Cat, KFC and I went to Game 3 at Wrigley. Well Big Cat went to get a hot dog and asked if I wanted one. I said get me a hotdog with just ketchup. This is what he brought back. Then when I took a bite and didn’t like it both he and KFC started calling me a pussy. I don’t even know what that means holmes. I asked for a hotdog with ketchup. That’s how I like it. You bring back some mutant hotdog with cheese and mustard all over it and no ketchup and I’m suddenly the asshole? Makes zero sense. Bringing this hotdog back to your boss when he specifically ordered something totally different is one of the sneaky most disrespectful moves in the game. It’s a fireable offense, but there were so many We Are Good shirts in the crowd I let it slide.