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Coffee Shop Being Forced To Take Down It's Sign Because People Are A Bunch Of Humorless Babies

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LONDON — Support and derision flooded the Twitter feed of Fuckoffee, a coffee shop in Bermondsey, south London, when its managers tweeted a letter from lawyers telling them to take down the sign bearing their “offensive” name. The sign has been up for more than a year, a rebranding from the more innocuous “Bermondsey Street Coffee.” The letter is from the lawyers of the owners of the building. It says: “We are instructed that you have either erected or allowed your sub-tenant to erect an offensive sign on the exterior of the building […] without the permission or authority of our client and this constitutes a trespass.” It gives the shop a deadline of 4 p.m. on Oct. 27 to confirm they’ve removed the sign, or their clients will take steps to remove the sign themselves. Supporters of the shop decried the lack of humour of the lawyers, and the shop retweeted the messages, along with other things that are offensive: “The police don’t feel that there’s enough evidence to proceed,” he said. “If the word had started with a C, that would have been an entirely different case altogether.”



The people complaining get the joke, right?  They get the joke of the sign? It’s “Fuck Off” but then you work in the word coffee because it’s a coffee shop.  Get it now? It’s a play on words. Fun stuff.  People like this are why the world is starting to suck.  Fuckoffee is a hilarious name for a coffee shop. I would go there every day if it weren’t in London.  If you’re the type of person who can see themselves walking down the street, seeing that FUCKOFFEE sign and being so offended that you complain to the owners of the building then I want you to do something for me. Do me a solid favor.  Kill yourself. Do it right now. We’ll wait. Because the sooner you’re wiped off the face of this planet the better. The sooner we can put “fuck” in a coffee shop sign without people crying abut it the better.  It’s a harmless joke.  I need things to be able to exist that skew on the side of adult. Like a coffee shop with the word “fuck” in it.  We all need those things to exist otherwise every thing is corporate and unfunny and sucks. I wish people would stop being humorless babies for two goddamn seconds.



This made me feel a little better


“The police don’t feel that there’s enough evidence to proceed,”


Even the cops don’t give a shit.