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Last Chance To Get Your Tickets For The Giants-Cowboys Revenge Tailgate

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Well here we are, folks. It’s Wednesday of the week the Giants will avenge their opening game loss to the Cowboys and the tailgate company needs final head count for all the food and beer you monsters will be consuming.  So if you want to come to the tailgate, tickets have to be purchased by today.

Since the game has a 4:25 pm kickoff, you will be able to watch all the 1:00 games while gorging on food and washing it all down with some cold brews amongst your fellow Stoolies.  Drinking outside on a beautiful fall NFL Sunday.  What more can any good, warmblooded American ask for?

So again, order your tickets by midnight tonight or forever hold your peace.  Because once midnight strikes, the tickets will be gone for good.  But the Mets will likely be headed to the World Series.


Price: $65

Time: 12:25pm – 4:25pm

Food: Cheeseburgers, we serve 6oz Pat Lafrieda fresh ground blend of chuck/brisket/short rib

Sabrett’s hot dogs, served with red onion sauce, kraut, relish

Mom’s meatball sliders, homemade, what we grew up eating on Sundays

Sausage and peppers, we use Esposito’s, the best pork store in NYC. Served whole links with sandwich rolls.

Home made macaroni salad, Mom’s recipe

Various snacks (assorted individual bags chips, crackerjacks, cookies etc)

Desserts and fresh filled cannolis

Beer: Microbrew – Kelso of Brooklyn, serving their pilsner and Belgian Ale.

Regular lite beer

*Last time we kicked the kegs about a half hour earlier than anticipated. Stoolies came out to drink. This time we have upped the number of kegs to make sure that doesnt happen.*

Extras: Live DJ, beer pong tables, flip cup tables, TVs airing the early games