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Barstool’s Champions League Preview – Rich (PSG) versus Richer (Real) edition


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Hola haters,

So there I was, minding my business, loading my computer this morning when out of nowhere I got smacked across the eyeballs with the dreaded blue screen of death.


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So needless to say my productivity has been at Chris Wondolowski-in-crunch-time levels so far today. Point being, this post is going to be incredibly short so apologies in advance. So without further ado…


let’s get to it.



Some interesting results yesterday, none stranger than the sloppy 4-4 goal fest involving Bayer and Roma, and none more surprising – to some people (wink) – than Arsenal tipping Bayern. Also, if people weren’t watching out for Zenit they might wanna start cause dem Russkis have been playing some damn good soccer. A threat to win it? Nah. A threat to take out one of the real contenders? You betcha.


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Like I said, keeping it short today but I’ll focus on the televised fixtures, none bigger than your classic Old Money versus New(ish) Money matchup…

Paris Saint-Germain (+120)

Real Madrid (+235)

Draw (+245)

PSG has been looking to make the jump into the upper echelon of clubs for a while now, and you gotta give them credit for putting their money where their mouth is bringing in all sorts of world class talent. You can’t help feeling a little like they are an army of highly paid mercenaries, led by The Zlatan, but even if so it’s a damn good army of mercenaries. The Frenchies have been flying lately, so it should come as no surprise that they are in fact favored against Los Blancos, who will be without Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema today. I’m torn on this one but think the Madridistas still have enough firepower with Modric and Kroos feeding Jese, Isco and fancy-pants Ronaldo so at least keep pace with the goals that will inevitably be coming from PSG. Not thrilled with calling for a draw, but can’t argue with the crystal ball… 2-2 draw (+240).



Mancurian games: City (-170) face a battle-hardened Sevilla (+500) side that is getting far, FAR too little respect from the oddsmakers. The Sky Blues are at home, which may make all the difference, but the odds that the Spanish club is getting is downright disrespectful. Having said that, I do think the hosts will ultimately prevail. City to win 2-1.



As for their crosstown rivals, United (+130) have a tough trip to CSKA Moscow (+225) on their hands. These Russkis are not on Zenit’s level, but United has not exactly been tearing it up lately – let’s all recall the ass WHUPPING they took from Arsenal – and CSKA is no pushover at home. I’m going 1-1 draw. (Yes, that’s two draws in three games. I hate myself already.)



Alrighty, that’s it for now. Shortest post in BarstoolSam history. And because my login information was stored in the dead computer and not my head, our beloved Big Cat is being forced to post this himself… so let’s everybody give a big round of applause to Daniel. Thanks homey.



Sam U.L. Army