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Putin Enjoying The Hell Out Of Some Topless Protesters



Topless female demonstrators shouted at Russian President Vladimir Putin as he toured an industrial fair in Hannover with German Chancellor Angela Merkelon Monday. The protesters were rounded up quickly.


Fucking Love it. Did these protesters even do their homework? Way to go gals, you really got Putin, really burned him there, he’s probably so mad that he had to look at your tits for free. Oh no, Putin wouldn’t want that. Don’t let him look at naked chicks. Don’t make him store it in his spank bank. How could you. So mean.  This is like when your girlfriend gives you the silent treatment as punishment. So you’re saying we’re just not going to talk? Damn, really hit me where it hurts.



Sidenote – as far as political protestors go, pretty good, too bad they’re about to spend the next billion years in Siberia. You come at the king you best not miss.




Love Putin’s face in this one. Basically saying “So, are we about to fuck or what?”