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Blackhawks Clinch First Playoff Spot In The West


So here we are. 10 games left in the season and a playoff spot sealed up, the first in the Western Conference. Obviously the Division and Conference still need to be wrapped up but unlike the last 2 years when the Hawks were fighting until the last week to make it into the tourney everyone can breath a little easier knowing the team will be able to take foot off the gas slightly and get everyone healthy for the playoffs.


Now as for the actual cup I feel like the Hawks are flying under the radar a little bit, which is incredible for a team that leads the league in points. Maybe its because they were never going to keep up with the incredible start, or the fact that the Ducks (number 2 in the West) have beaten us 3 times, or that everyone is now convinced Pittsburgh has already won the cup, but whatever it is I’m not sure I understand it. This team has everything in place for a deep run. Stan not making a move at the trade deadline (besides Handsuz who has instantly contributed for the specific purpose he was brought in, the faceoff dot) speaks volumes to where he thinks the Hawks are going. There is no major shake up needed. Everyone is trying to catch us, make moves to compete with us, not the other way around. Yes, as we’ve always known, the ultimate success of this season is reliant on the goaltending, but I still have faith that Crow can get it done. He’s had his spotty moments but the tools are there, if he can get hot every other part of this team is ready to win the Cup.


Awesome moment last night, Blackhawks doing it big per usual. Not sure if they just have a fantastic PR team but whether it be with the veterans before every home game or stories like this, it feels like the Hawks do more of these things than any other team in sports.

Jack Klinge (age 12), who is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, dropped the ceremonial puck last night