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The Blue Jays Fans Just Cheered RA Dickey Off The Field After He Got Lifted In The Second



I’ve been on the Jays bangwagon for a while now but this shook me to my car. Can’t have this nicey nice Canadian bullshit going on in the ALCS. Some dude surrenders 5, and somehow looks worse than that, over 1 and 2/3 then you need to boo his ass. Where are the Canadians that threw trash all over the field? Made it rain beer from the SkyDome? Hit a baby with with a tall boy? Those are the fans I want. Make it a nasty environment. Don’t give me the “Hey you tried!” bullshit. That doesn’t win you a World Series.





PS – Harold Reynolds is on top of his game tonight and claiming that Chris Young is tougher to hit than Randy Johnson was because he doesn’t throw as hard. Deceptively slow fastballs. Might be a tactic pitcher want to look into.





PPS – Idk how you start a knuckler in the ALCS. Can’t do it.