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Matt Stonie Crushed The Previous World Pasta Eating Record By Eating 10 Pounds in 8 Minutes

FB – As it stood, the record for the most pasta consumed in 10 minutes was 6.23 pounds, but that record was completely obliterated at the Martorano’s Masters World Pasta Eating Championship, October 17. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.06.59 PM

What a beast. Didn’t just beat the record, smashed the record. Put it through a table with a 3D and left it in pieces. 10 pounds of pasta in 8 minutes like it was no big deal. Even the most loyal customers of the Olive Garden have to bow down. I will say though, I’d like to see the chicken alfredo eating contest. Guts everywhere, literally. Just pure carnage. Probably multiple casualties.

I think it’s time to start covering competitive eating a little closer, because Matt Stonie is blowing away the competition as of late. You probably remember him as our newest hot dog eating champ, and as the guy who ate 12 pints of Ben and Jerry’s to get himself back into eating shape. Well add pasta eating champion of the world to his resume. 10 pounds in 8 minutes. And you know what, if we’re being honest, a pretty good looking guy to boot. Just makin’ observations, that’s all.