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Daaaaaaaaaaa Grom Da Grom Da Grom Da Grom

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There’s no such thing as a Must Win when you’re up 2-0 in a 7 game series. Especially not with Hendricks and Hammel for Game 3 and 4. On paper these are matchups the Mets should absolutely win. And obviously the Mets have given themselves a little bit of a cushion.

But you do not want the Cubs creeping back into this series. We need Game 1 NLDS deGrom, not Game 5. deGrom made a ton of mistakes in the clincher in LA but the Dodgers just werent a good enough lineup to capitalize. The Cubs wont do that. Everyone in the Cubs lineup top to bottom is capable of taking a mistake and putting it on the moon. With a full 3 games all in Chicago, a rookie on the mound tomorrow, and Harvey’s arm swelling up more and more as time goes on, this is a sneaky huge game for Jacob deGrom. Got a chance to step on their throats tonight. All but end the series. Let this bum Kyle Hendricks somehow sneak a W and the series dynamic shifts completely. Momentum belonging to the Cubs. Arrieta a second time looming. Can’t take your foot off the pedal now. Time to break their backs and set yourself up to sweep the leg on Wednesday.

deGrom is too good of a pitcher to lay another egg. And if we’re going by his perpetual smile and him waving from inside the scoreboard at Wrigley, he seems cool as a cucumber. Throw up a couple zeroes early and force the Cubbies to start pressuring themselves. Get them trying to do too much at the plate. Let Daniel Murphy blast his daily home run and lets put a strangle hold on this pitch.

Mets 5 Cubs 3.