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Chris Rock Made An RG3-Kirk Cousins Joke Because That's STILL A Thing

USA Today - Chris Rock was in D.C. on Sunday night, performing at the reception for the Mark Twain Award, which was bestowed this year upon Rock’s old buddy, comedy pioneer Eddie Murphy. During his set, Rock told a rare bomb, which he followed up with this seemingly off the cuff, perfect encapsulation of all things Washington.


It’s the never ending joke. RG3/Kirk Cousins is the circus that goes on and on and on and on until the sun blows up and we’re all dead. And then millions of years later when the dust has settled and the aliens come from outer space, they’ll find a radio, wipe off the dust, and somehow, some way, 106.7 will still be talking about RG3 and Kirk Cousins.

The wild thing is, there’s not even a QB controversy. It’s just a made up thing and it’s so tiring. Gruden has said maybe 9 million times that Cousins is the guy. This town just NEEDS QB controversy. Needs it, craves it, won’t go a season without it. It’s not a race thing, it’s not a Snyder thing, it’s a Gruden feels more confident with Kirk under center than RG3. This shit doesn’t happen anywhere else. When it comes down to it, there’s about 5 good QBs in the league, a bunch of average ones, and some crappy ones. The Skins have a couple of low-tier average QBs, and 1 HOF QB who they keep on the bench to preserve his legacy. It’s like how when you have a rare collectible you have to keep it in the box, that’s Colt McCoy, hard to blame them.