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Buddie The Marijuana Mascot Fired



Source ResponsibleOhio fired the actress who dressed up as Buddie the marijuana superhero shortly after she expressed safety concerns and suffered an off-the-job foot injury.

Ericka Buford, 26, a single mom who lives in Columbus, said she was dismissed on Oct. 14.

“I wasn’t treated fairly at all. They never gave me a reason behind letting me go. We had had a meeting where I had expressed some concerns, yes, but they informed me that everything would be okay and my job would still be intact and everything would be fine,” Buford told the Dayton Daily News. “They next thing I know I get a phone call and they informed me ‘We decided to go a different way.’”

Buford said she told her bosses they should consider adding another staffer to the “Green Rush Bus Tour,” to provide security in the event that protesters show up to confront them.

Buford said she joined the ResponsibleOhio team Aug. 16 and was paid $5,000 a month to work a little over 40 hours a week, Monday through Thursday. Buford toured college campuses across the state dressed in the Buddie superhero costume — a muscled mascot with an oversized marijuana bud head.




Sounds like Buddie got a lesson in how the real world works. When you land a kush job making $60K a year to dress up like a marijuana superhero you don’t rock the boat. Talk about getting cocky, this chick asked for a security guard? You’re not Taylor Swift sweetheart, this isn’t the fucking Grammy’s. You’re wandering around college campuses dressed like weed. Get over yourself.

You left Responsible Ohio no choice but to fire your ass. If they give in to your demands for a security guard what’s next? Will you demand a masseuse and a personal chef? Want the blue M&M’s removed from your dressing room? Your bosses realized they’d created a diva and they responded the only way they could. It would be on them if you turned into Naomi Campbell and smashed the bus driver in the face with your cell phone because he had the nerve to look you in they eye.


Yup, Ericka “Buddie” Buford got a hard lesson all of you kids out there can learn from. Don’t ever think you’re bigger than the game, everyone is replaceable. If you ever find yourself lucky enough to land a job making sixty thousand dollars a year to dress up like weed, keep your mouth shut and milk it for everything you can, because sooner or later someone is going to realize they are paying you sixty fuvking thousand dollars a year to dress up like weed!



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