You're Having A Better Day Than This Vulture Who Got It's Head Stuck Up A Dead Pig's Butt


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.23.34 AM




Ahhhhhh the dirty underbelly of nature. It’s not all babbling brooks, glorious waterfalls, bald eagles soaring through the sky and majestic grizzly bears bounding about through an open field. Nope. Sometimes nature is a vulture getting it’s head stuck up a dead pig’s ass. Just how it is. That’s more likely what you’ll see out in nature than the false bill of goods the entire DVD set of Planet Earth will sell you.  This is the reality, people. Animals getting their heads stuck up the butt of other animals. You don’t like it?  Too bad. That’s how Earth rolls. They gotta let that bird figure out how to get away on it’s own by the way. If he dies, he dies. You can’t be poisoning gene pools by helping out a bird who sticks his head up a pig’s ass and gets stuck. That bird is more than likely supposed to die that way because he’s an idiot. In turn the species of vultures get stronger. Simple Darwinism.


By the way, was their explanation for how it got stuck there was because the pig clenched up when the bird went poking around?  Like pig was still alive when it was happening?  I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on that. Not a chance.