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Dude Dances On the Roof Of His Ex-Girlfriends House As It Burns To The Ground

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INDIANAPOLIS (CNN/WRTV) An Indianapolis man barricaded himself in a house, then danced on the roof as a fire was raging inside Monday, CNN affiliate WRTV reports.?Indianapolis Metropolitan Police say 25-year-old Matthew Russ took his ex-girlfriend’s keys, stole her car and crashed it into a pole. Police said they found Russ sitting in a chair in the driveway holding a knife.?Russ then went into the house and onto the roof with the knife in his hand. ?Police used rubber bullets to try and get Russ down but was not effective.?Russ came back out on the roof and was captured by news cameras smiling and dancing with smoke and flames billowing behind him.?Police believe Russ may have lit the home on fire as well.?Police had to use an aerial ladder, and stun gun to take Russ into custody.

Now that’s how the fuck you break up with a chick! Steal her car, crash it into a pole, break into her house, set it ablaze and dance like Drake in the Hotline Bling video as that shit burns to the ground. What an absolute legend. Sure, you end up getting electrocuted with a taser as lit up with rubber bullets, but that is all 100% worth it. Matthew Russ will go down in history. He’ll live in infamy for eternity. Forever immortalized as the guy that was 2-stepping on top of his ex’s house as it burned to ash. The next time #GreatMomentsInBlackTwitterHistory is trending, you better believe you’re gonna see him up there cheesin’ with the black smoke billowing out of the windows.


Whatever the charges are, whatever the jail time is, and whatever the pain of the taser/bullets were – it was all worth it bro. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

PS – Hey news reporter pronounce?roof “ruff” one more time for me bro.