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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The Eagles Week 6 Whooping Of The New York Giants


27-7. That’s a blowout, ladies and gentleman. I don’t care how sloppy it was, when you win by 20 points in the NFL, it’s a satisfying victory. Now imagine how badly the bushwhacking would have been if Sam Bradford didn’t throw 3 picks…

The Good:


There’s no other way to put it: This D is a Top 5 unit in the league, with arguably the best D-line/front 7 in football. Before last night: Eli Manning was picked off twice in 5 games. He was sniped 2 times in the first half alone. Manning was also only sacked 4x this season. He was walloped 3 times to the ground by the Eagles on top of multiple intentional grounding penalties. Eli was getting bullrushed all night. It’s tough to single out a player on this defense for playing so well, so I’ll just mention basically all of them. Fletcher Cox is continuing to play at an All-Pro level. Bennie Logan isn’t too far behind him. Vinny Curry had 1.5 sacks while smacking the chromosomes out of Eli 3x with QB hits. Jordan Hicks had 10 freaking tackles. MUFASSA rose from the dead (before blowing out his hammy and getting stampeded for the rest of the game).

Nolan Carroll with his first INT since 2013 and first pick-6 in his NFL career. Malcolm Jenkins was as steady as ever. And so on, and so on. When you hold this high powered Giants offense – and yes, it is a good O – to only 7 points including 0 in the final 57 MINUTES while not letting them cross midfield in their last 9 possessions, you’re gonna win the football game. 4 turnovers were nice, too.

The Refs – Hey, we’ll take it. The Giants had a number of 3rd and 4th down STUPID penalties, but the stripes still have to see it and throw the flag.

The Giants – Gotta give credit where credit is due to the Eagles for putting the Giants in the position to fuck up, but man did they fuck up and fuck up good. This team is not that bad, and they played worse than any team in recent memory. That includes the famous Eagles abortion vs. Dallas at home this season.


Billy Davis, and I guess Chip – Finally learned from getting fisted by Dez Bryant and Julio Jones that you may want to double team and contain the outright stud WR. And Riley Cooper ended up having a better game than ODB, FYI.

Dhani Jones and, Dare I say it, Caleb Sturgis – Boots were on point in all phases of Special Teams.

Bradly and Jeffrey singing Fly Eagles Fly on their Ivory Tower looking over their minions -

And of course, B-West and Max Baughan inducted into the Eagles HOF. Watch the halftime ceremony here.

The Bad:

Lane Johnson - 2 false starts and a number of noticeable blown blocks. Step into my office, Lane. We need a fuck of a lot better performance out of our #4 overall pick that’s supposed to be a rock at RT for a decade.

The Ugly:

Samuel Bradford – 3 picks. This team will not be able to win a SB when their QB is tossing 5 INT’s in 2 games (3 of which in the RZ). That’s 9 TD’s and 10 INT’s on the year for Sammy. Myself, and Chip, are still saying Sam is the guy. Albeit, that’s mostly because we all know what we have in Sanchez – A capable backup that proved last year he probably won’t be able to play at the level needed to win it all. We still don’t 100% know what we have in Bradford. Unfortunately, we still might not know till the Eagles need to make a decision on extending him after this season. But one thing’s for damn sure, the defense is only going to bail Bradford out for so long. At some point he’s going to have to win some games on his own.


Offensive Miscues – Between snapping the ball when the QB isn’t ready to miscommunication on multiple routes, INCLUDING THE SECOND DAMN PLAY OF THE GAME WHEN EVERYTHING SHOULD BE SCRIPTED TO A T. FIX IT.

Women -

And that’s all she wrote. On to undefeated Carolina, where I am saying right now the Eagles will roll to a W. Book it and then some. More on that this week.