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Kirk Minihane Is Done At CSN Because Bart Hubbuch Edited A Video And It Went Viral

Hubbuch Vid



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I’ll be honest with you, I wouldn’t really care about this if it wasn’t for Hubbuch and the internet mob. I like Minihane. I like him on D&C the few times I’m in the car before 10 AM and he seems like an interesting guy with pretty smart takes, but even he never had me rushing to Early Edition. I can’t really explain why, as I like a good amount of CSN guys. I just never really venture past NESN (and even that is just for Sox/Bs) on the dial unless it’s HBO Sunday. Not even one click.


But just the fact that this whole thing was started by Hubbuch intentionally editing out the “I’m obviously joking” part, followed by the internet doing what it does best — overreacting to limited information without fact checking it yourself — is completely absurd. CSN suits bowed down to the anger of bored, uninformed people looking to join a “cause” for ten minutes of hysteria and they refused to exercise common sense, that’s completely disgusting. Hubbuch tweeted, “Holy crap, Boston TV host says ON THE AIR that Roger Goodell should be murdered. Yes, murdered,” with a manipulated video and the whole world freaked out. Who cares that the context was clearly a joke? Who cares that it’s a lighthearted sports show? Who cares that he SAYS HE’S JOKING?


Nope, even talking heads need to talk like they’re giving a presidential address now. Politically correct, no fun, no jokes, just vanilla. It’s incredible. Frankly, everyone at CSN should be disgusted with themselves. That’s not even coming from a Minihane fanboy, just a guy who thinks you should use your fucking head and think for yourself. You don’t throw away talent because some nobodies in a nowhere place, with no idea of context or programming, saw a viral tweet and decided to send an angry email. It’s embarrassing and if I was a CSN personality it would have me rethinking even working there. Never know when they’ll throw you under the bus to save themselves from a few upset and illogical tweeters.