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I'll Never Forgive Myself For Missing Scalabrine Tending Bar At Kerryman Last Night

Hey Scal


So mad I missed this. I know it was a promotional thing for 2 Gingers Whiskey (Hilarious that White Mamba gets behind that brand) but I’m still upset at myself. I say this in the most heterosexual way possible but I miss the fuck out of Scalabrine. He always added an edge to the Bulls. Like hey maybe he won’t play tonight, OR maybe he’ll play, get 2 pts and an assist  in garbage time. Who knows? That wild card aspect was top notch.

Top 3 retired NBA Players I want as my local bar bartender. A place where you can shoot the shit, not a packed bar where they’re just trying to get drinks out quickly.

3. Shawn Kemp

2. Latrell Sprewell – has to wear a tux or a T-Wolves jersey


1. White Mamba


Any good ones I miss?