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Big Time Shout Out To Temple Football On Being Ranked In The Top 25 For The First Time In A Billion Years


SI – The American Athletic Conference is making a splash in this week’s top 25, placing three teams in the poll. Memphis is up to No. 18 after a 37–24 win over Ole Miss, Temple is in the top 25 for the first time in 36 years, and Houston continued its climb to No. 21 after entering the poll last week.

OK, 36 years. But it might as well be the first time ever. The Owls chime in at 22 in the AP and 23 in the Coach’s poll.

Oh, and there’s this…

ESPN College Gameday in Philly? Never in my lifetime would I think I’d see such a beautiful sight (for football, Gameday was here for basketball a couple years back).