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Live Look At Everyone In New England Watching The Colts' Masterful Fake Punt Unfold


Pre-S (still a thing) – When I couldn’t stop laughing last night I just started recording myself. Had Milmore come through in the clutch and mash them up with the live play.


Am I being a bit presumptuous saying I speak for all of New England? No. Not at all. In fact, I’d take it a step further: this was America’s reaction. I speak for the nation. If you didn’t have Colt blue on Sunday then this was the only logical thing to do upon witnessing that monstrosity.


Step 1: a little confusion, but an exciting confusion. Like you’re waiting for the punchline to a joke.


Step 2: Uncontrollable laughter.


If you didn’t do that upon watching the ball get snapped then you weren’t actually watching the game. Probably watching Homeland (great episode, btw. Homeland is back in a big way. Even though it’s not really because it was awesome last year too, finale just left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.)