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NFL Football Player Jay Cutler Joins KFC Radio Presented By Barstool Sports

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So here it is. Our hour with Jay Cutler. This was a lot of fun. Big thanks to Jay for doing this with us. I think its extremely rare to have a starting NFL quarterback open himself up to a place like Barstool Sports and show the world that he is really just a regular guy like the rest of us. He plays in the NFL, I sit at my computer all day. He’s a professional athlete, I’m overweight. He has a laser rocket arm, I have just a rocket arm. Like I said, we’re basically the same person.


Anyway, my favorite question we discussed on the show was the hypothetical Ive been discussing with my friends for a while now. Is there anyone in the world that can beat you in every single sport? Not just the 4 major sports, I’m talking every single olympic sport. Anything that is even remotely an athletic competition. Archery, badminton, ping pong, curling, diving, literally everything. I say no, absolutely not. Show me a person and I would be able to find one thing I can beat them in. Which is a badass thing to be able to say. No one in the world can beat me in everything. Kinda cool right?


Oh and yes, I also unveiled my number 1 weakness. A little upset at myself for doing that. Now you guys know how to beat me. I can’t judge  distance in water. Just can’t do it. My brain does not compute distance over water. We could be 5 miles from shore and I’ll think its 800 yards. I guess what they say is true, no one is perfect.


Of course I had to ask about the Donnnnttttt Carrreeee story (27:30). My favorite Cutty story of all time. Boss mode.