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Who Abused A Center More: Dom Easley By Breaking One In Half Or Jamie Collins Treating One Like A Hurdle?

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Pretty tough choice here: which play made you go “Holy shit” more? I’m pretty sure both are punishable in a court of law, though one deserves a more severe sentence.


On the surface, it’s Jamie Collins. I mean he went all Vince Carter on us, jumping right over another human. Nike may rename the Air Jordan line the Air Collins line tomorrow. But, that’s what Jamie Collins does. He’s an athletic freak, he should be able to jump over a bent over long snapper. Dom Easley, though? He left that dude inside out. Khlaled Holmes’ legs have never once done that, not in his entire life. His fucking asshole is touching the ground, man. His intestines very well may have rose budded right outside of his buddy, like an old retired pornstar who just doesn’t have the muscles to keep all that stuff on the inside anymore.


So I’m saying Dom’s the choice here. Probably in the minority, but so be it. Jamie was an athletic freak, Easley split a man in half, Mortal Kombat style.





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PS – Easley hitting the Milly Rock after breaking Holmes in half was smooooth as shit. 6’2″, 290 and groovy.