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Bad News: Skins Got Blown Out. Good News: Stefon Diggs Is The Best WR Of All Time

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.22.41 PM

Classic good news, bad news day. We’ll start with the bad news, the Redskins stank. Cousins wasn’t sharp, the running game was non existent, the defense didn’t stop Ivory, and so on and so forth. Everyone was hurt, the play calling was shit, and just a very forgettable game besides Breeland being a beast. Overall it wasn’t fun to watch, and at one point I spent 45 minutes staring at the the Papa Johns menu deciding what to get.

But the good news: Stefon Diggs is the best WR in the world. 7 catches for 129 yards in his first career start. Every time he wasn’t picked in the draft I was hoping the Skins would nab him, but instead they took Jamison Crowder out of Duke, who is extremely similar and good in his own right, but went to Duke so I can never fully love him unless he denounces his decision to go there. I have no idea how Diggs fell to the 10th pick in the 5th round, but the Vikings have themselves the best WR of all time.

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