A Bride Decided To "Prank" Her Husband By Putting Tom Brady In A Dress On A Deflated Football Cake

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 3.32.30 PM

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First of all, that cakeball looks well within the parameters of the Ideal Gas Law. Yeah, maybe a little light, but certainly nothing to run to the commissioner about.


Second of all, Tom Brady in a dress! HAHA! Got you good, you fucker! Please. Putting Tom Brady in his face like this is like inviting his ex to the wedding and sitting “the one that got away” at the head table. You just a put a million “should I really be doing this?” thoughts in his head. God he looks pretty there. That scruff is really working. Is it wrong that I think he’s pulling off those heels? Boy oh boy am I really feeling some feelings over here.


Sure, you pranked him good. I’m just not gonna be surprised when I hear he “pranked” you by pulling this doll out of his ass right before consummation and yelling “You opened my eyes! I’m gay!”