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7-0! Iowa Beats Northwestern 10-40 And Stays Undefeated

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 2.17.03 PM

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7-0!  Undefeated! The Iowa Hawkeyes!  Next man up!  What happens when Jordan Canzeri, your work horse running back from the week before who rushed for 250 yards, goes down with a bad ankle injury early in the game? You just insert another guy who goes and does this


Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 2.37.11 PM



No big deal. Iowa, for maybe the first time in history, has an embarrassment of riches at running back. Canzeri, Wadley and Derrick Mitchell. 294 yards between the three of them and 5 touchdowns to go along with that. RIP AIRBHG. That’s not even counting LeShun Daniels who started the year as the #1 RB. We still don’t know the diagnosis on Canzeri but Wadley was a fucking BEAST today. Explosive through holes that were big enough to drive a Mack truck through thanks to one hell of a performance from the young O-line. Desmond King got himself another pick on defense bringing his season total to 6 (tied for most in the nation). The game looked reallllllllll ugly early on and especially headed into half where Iowa made mistakes down the stretch that let Northwestern bring it to within 6. Second half? Iowa stepped on the gas by scoring 24 unanswered. Blood bath.


Most importantly though, Iowa has a bye next week.  No team in the history of football has ever needed a bye week more than the Hawkeyes need one right now. Injuries all over the goddamn place. Players dropping like flies. CJ Beathard (8-0 in his 8 career starts btw) looked like he was held together with Scotch tape out there. They didn’t even disclose what his actual injury was. He’s just banged up all over but still played like a champ out there today. I’m excited. The whole state of Iowa is excited. The Hawks haven’t been 7-0 since 2009. I have no idea if this team is even good. Their schedule stinks and it gets even stinkier the rest of the way. I don’t give a shit. I’m ready to ride this wave as far as it’ll take me. I love this team.



7-0!  Get hyped, Kirk!