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I Don't Think Anyone Would Have a Problem With Kevin Durant Owning The Redskins

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Up - During a chat with ESPN’s Matthew Berry on the “Fantasy Focus” podcast, the 2014 MVP spoke about his love for football and his longstanding desire to own a NFL franchise once his playing days are finished.

“It’s a passion of mine, I’d definitely love to own a team hopefully one of these years towards the end of my career. So I follow a lot of it.”

When asked which team he would like to own, the D.C. native unsurprisingly selected his hometown team.

“My first priority would be the Washington Redskins, even if it was just a small percentage,” Durant said. “I just want to get involved. Growing up five minutes away from the stadium and always being a fan, I have a Redskins tattoo on my forearm. So I feel part of the team so much, so to be an owner and all the way entrenched with the team would be cool.”

What a great way to end a Friday. KD wants to buy the Redskins and end Snyder’s reign or tyranny. Maybe instead of buying the Skins, Durant can just shove Snyder off a cliff and take over the team? That would be nice. Just go back to the medieval ages where if you could beat someone you could have their kingdom. Or maybe we can just put it to a vote? I wonder what % KD would get, somewhere between 98 and 100? Just a bunch of stumpy jews voting for Snyder while the entire rest of the universe votes for Durant.

PS: That rumble you just felt was everyone in Oklahoma City quivering in their boots.