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Just A Quick Update: Handsome Hank (The Horse) Was Scratched At Belmont Today


Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.45.42 PM




I was waiting for Portnoy to blog this but he might be flying, so I figured I’d let everyone know. Turns out that Handsome Hank (the horse) can, in fact, disappoint Dave greater than Hank the human. Can’t totally blame him as I often need at least an hour rest after I finish before I can go again. But at least Hank the human still shows up after an ass kicking. Doesn’t matter what the situation is or what you say about him, Hank the human will walk through that door, even when you don’t expect him to. Fire him? Hank the human’s still coming. Lose by a million lengths (I think that’s the word? I don’t know/own horses)? Hank the horse says “Eh, let’s just throw in the towel.”