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Preview Of Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler On KFC Radio Presented By Barstool Sports

Full episode available tomorrow afternoon. Tune into Barstool New York or Barstool Chicago, or subscribe to KFC Radio on iTunes or YouTube


Last night was the definition of a No big deal but Kind of a big deal situation. No Big deal because honestly, Jay Cutler is a real stoolie just like the rest of you mutts. Kind of a big deal because, you know, he’s an NFL quarterback for our Chicago Bears. Huge moment for KFC Radio, Barstool Sports and Barstool-Chicago last night. We’re going to release the full hour long episode tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone a preview. Does that make me a tease? Yes it technically does, and I’m ok with that.



By the way, if you couldn’t already tell, Jay’s sweater absolutely stole the show.



How awesome was that title. Bears Quarterback. Jay Cutler. Barstool Sports. KFC Radio. That’s called dominating Google. Keywords all over the place. Hey Bleacher Report, I’m coming for that ass.