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Chipper Jones Rooting For The Mets Is One Of The Most Bizarre Things I've Seen As A Mets Fan

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This Mets season has been as wacky as it gets. I’ve said its been a roller coaster all year long. Last night’s divisional series clincher was another perfect microcosm for the ups and downs this team has endured all year. Things looked as bleak as could be almost every inning deGrom was out there on the mound. In extraordinary fashion they Daniel Murphy found a way to scratch out 3 runs against this year’s Cy Young and a guy who was 19-0 with 2 runs of support, and somehow someway 9 innings later they got the job done. Its been a wild ride as a Mets fan.

But nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the fact that Chipper Jones is pretty much a full blown Mets fan during this postseason. From having the Mets back on the Utley slide to praising the Mets arms to straight up saying “Lets Go Mets” last night, I couldn’t believe the things I was seeing and hearing. I know that in sports, fans tend to be way more passionate and take things way more personally than the athletes do, but I genuinely think there was some disdain on Chipper Jones’ part. He and Piazza shared words. I think there was mutual hate between Larry and Mets fans. It certainly wasnt his favorite team out there.

So to hear him now all aboard the Mets bandwagon is very, very confusing. I mean this is a dude I despised my entire life. Maybe more than any other player ever. And now every time he tweets or does an interview or opens his mouth its nothing but love for the Mets. Judging by that sound byte I’d say Chipper is just as confused by everything as Mets fans are. Just more content for the inevitable 30 for 30 on the 2015 New York Mets.

PS – I think I still abide by a “Fuck Chipper Jones” life rule. I think. I’m pretty sure. I dont know this is really fuckin weird.

Full Chipper-Mets interview here: