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The New York Mets Are Headed To The NLCS

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deGrom to Thor to Familia, with Daniel Freakin Murphy carrying the offense and the New York Mets advance to the NLCS. One of the strangest games I’ve ever watched. Jacob deGrom’s performance tonight was absolutely stellar for all the wrong reasons. I mean that dude had NOTHING tonight but at the same time he had it all. 57 of his 105 pitches were with men in scoring position and only two of those crossed the plate. I would have taken him out in the 2nd inning and he ended up making it 6IP, 2R, 7Ks. Thor came in with the fucking HAMMER, and Familia with his first 6 out save. Just how we drew it up! Never in doubt!

I dont know what I can say about Daniel Murphy. The fact that his play on the base paths was the difference in this game is mind blowing. The Keyser Soze of base runners. Another enormous Apple Jack. Plain and simple he put the team on his back. Tonight was basically Justin Turner vs Daniel Murphy and Murph ended up prevailing.

Incredible game all around from a team that was facing a pitcher who was 19-0 when he got 2 runs of support. They got punched in the mouth early but never broke. Perseverance like a motherfucker tonight.

Come get some, Cubbies! We’ll see you in New York Saturday night!