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Win Or Go Home.



Its pretty simple, folks. Jacob deGrom, Cespedes, Wright and company have the chance to turn in a performance tonight that turns them into all time Mets. Win a playoff series clincher on the road with a big time start or a big time hit and Mets fans will love you forever. You will be immortalized. Remembered forever.

Lose, and go home. Sure the future is bright for this team. Not like a loss tonight means their window is closed forever. But this is a series they should have probably won on two separate occasions and going home now would fucking suck.

I have ultra confidence in deGrom tonight. He has straight up owned the Dodgers. They just dont have a good lineup at all. I have the utmost confidence that he can match Greinke’s performance tonight. The Mets bats havent been stellar either (excluding their game 3 performance. I dont count that because of how the Dodgers rotation is comprised) but they overall are still a better lineup. Terry is sticking with Duda. A move that will probably be praised if he breaks out of his funk, and crucified if he has another 4 K game. I dont mind him sticking with Lucas. Its against a righty which makes a WORLD of difference and he still is one of the few guys that has enough pop to be a threat. I’m not a fan of him being Cespedes’ protection. Would rather Murphy have that task. Happy to see Conforto in there finally – although facing Greinke a second time will be totally different. A lot of damned if you do, damned if you dont sort of moves for Terry tonight. But its obviously all hands on deck and quick hooks for everyone. Perform or hit the bricks.

My one major fear? The Mets defense. Like I said I think the pitching is a wash and the Mets should have an offensive edge. But my one fear is deGrom is as sharp as we all know he can be and shaky defense costs a few runs. I’ve been bracing for a Murphy error that has yet to arrive. Wilmer is not the glove that Tejada was. Not like there’s any other glaring holes around the rest of the diamond but we’ve seen times this year where the LOL Mets type of defense rears its head and we simply CANNOT have that tonight. If Zack Greinke gets the job done tonight and the Dodgers beat the Mets fair and square, so be it. I just dont want to lose on A) Sloppy play or B) A screw job.

I think Jacob deGrom launches himself into super stardom tonight and Familia closes the door on a 4-2 Mets victory. Let me be the first to welcome Cubs fans to New York when they travel here Saturday night.