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Jeb Bush Just Straight Up Turning His Name Into The SEC Logo Is Such A Campaign Power Move

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USA TodayIt seems everybody wants a piece of the Southeastern Conference, but even a presidential candidate can get carried away.

The SEC has negotiated with officials from Jeb Bush’s campaign to modify a logo that closely resembles the conference’s and make other changes in how the campaign aligns itself with the conference.

“The Southeastern Conference does not endorse candidates for any political office,” SEC spokesman Herb Vincent said Wednesday in a statement to USA TODAY Sports. “The SEC has spoken to the Bush campaign to ensure that their activities are within the bounds of our trademark requirements.”

As part of efforts aimed at Republican primaries March 1 in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas that are collectively being called the “SEC Primary,” Bush recently has appeared at tailgating events prior to football games at the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee. He’s scheduled to do the same before games in November at the University of Alabama and Mississippi State.

Earlier this week an item on the Bush campaign website from September that described the events and the schedule was titled “SEC Tailgating with Jeb.” On Wednesday, the item was titled “Tailgating with Jeb.”

In addition, as of Wednesday morning, the campaign’s online store was offering a drink koozie for $5 that featured a campaign logo resembling the conference’s circular SEC logo but instead using the letters “JEB.”

By Wednesday afternoon, the item had been removed from the store — and the “JEB” logo apparently will be gone or altered soon.

Jeb Bush just flat out ganking the SEC logo and turning it into JEB without asking anyone’s permission is such a Presidential Campaign Power Move I can’t even stand it. I mean let’s be honest, there’s not a single candidate out there right now that anyone feels good supporting. Sure maybe you’ve talked to yourself into someone and you’re sticking to it, but we all watched those debates, total clown show on both sides of the aisle. Somebody’s gotta do SOMETHING to separate themselves. And I think I just found my tipping point. The guy who literally stole the logo of the biggest baddest college football conference in America and paraded around the South hitting up tailgates with it plastered on his chest like Superman. #PresidentialPowerMovesOnly


Ball’s in your court Dems. Football fans are leaning right. Better see if somebody can talk Bernie into coming out to the next debate in full pads and planting a crackback block on Hillary or something.