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David Cone's Twitter Location Is My Favorite Thing On The Internet


One of the shittier parts of Twitter, aside from their stock outlook, is that once a famous person follows you, you occasionally check to make sure they still are. I’m not proud of it, and if my dad understood what Twitter was he would be ashamed, but anyone who says they don’t do it, is a liar.

Anyway, the other day I looked up my good friend and one of my picks to be my gay dad if I could ever make it happen (With Wells obvi) and noticed his location. It’s not NYC or Connecticut, which is where he likely lives, but instead it’s “P.G. 7-18-99″, the date where Coney was perfect and shut down all 27 Montreal Expos he faced.

We all make fun of people for living in the past, but this is absolutely perfect. If you’re a normal dude talking about shit you did in high school, then yeah you’re a loser and should be striving to accomplish more in your life. That time you fingered a cheerleader under the bleachers instead of going to class was cool then, but no one cares now. What Cone is doing is perfect because if his state of mind is always “P.G. 7-18-99″, he can do no wrong. He achieved the pinnacle of success in the sport 5 times by winning the World Series but for one day he was perfect and he should never be anywhere else but right in the moment. Plus it’s cocky as fuck and every once in a while someone definitely asks what P.G. means, so he gets to remind people. That’s playing chess while we all play checkers.

PS: For the off-season YES just needs a weekly half hour show where Cone and Boomer just talk. I don’t care what it’s about but or how much they have the hit the censor button, but those 2 would be electric.