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Late Week Eagles Fix With All The Birds Material In The Books

-3.5 heading into destiny Monday Night. Let’s dance.

Lane Johnson explains the Eagles new good luck charm: A Jason Kelce doll hanging in effigy in the locker room. It’s just a good thing #62 is white.

A new Star Wars: A Force Awakens trailer may be airing on MNF. Hopefully Fletcher Cox bends some Wookies, too.


Barwin gabbin about life:

John Nash would agree:


The Eagles are now ranked as the 4th best team in the NFL!!! (According to the ESPN Power Index Rankings, whatever the fuck that means).

People like Birds. Eagles have the 4th highest selling jerseys in the NFL.

Preach, Chip. Preech.

That’s all she wrote. First place in the NFC East is on line here, and it means more than most think. A loss here would mean the Eagles would probably lose all tie-breakers to win the Division. This one’s big. LET’S GO.