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How About The Audacity Of Tony Romo Telling Tom Brady "See You In February"?

Eaaaassssyyyyy there, big fella. That’s some tough talk for a player who has never made it out of the Divisional Round his entire 400 year career. I kind of feel bad for Romo. The dude is one of the gutsiest players the game has to offer and doesn’t choke as much as one might have thought (which is a lot instead of a dick-load). But to say the Cowboys are gonna be in the Super Bowl when your wing is literally about to fall off is comical. Dem’ Boyz are going to be lucky to be even close to .500 when Tony Romo is finally back under center. I know it’s something that you just say, but somethings are better kept to yourself. If anything it just looks pathetic little, beat up Tiny Tony coming up to Lord Brady and saying something so audacious.

And for as much as I hate to admit it, Romo is kind of right. At least Tom Brady will be somewhere meaningful in February. Baring a major injury or an act of God, nobody’s stopping the Pats from getting to the SB, espeically if they have to go through Foxbourgh.