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Of Course Michael Irvin Would Praise Greg Hardy And Say He Deserves A Good Deal


PFT – Irvin said on 105.3 The Fan that Hardy, who returned to the field on Sunday after missing 19 games over two seasons after a domestic violence accusation, is so good that the Cowboys ought to sign him to a long-term contract, despite the off-field issues. “I know a lot of people are mad at this dude, but I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is the first game.’ To come back in the first game and do what that dude did, that was crazy,” Irvin said. Irvin said that while Hardy is facing criticism over his rap video, it’s the perfect time for the Cowboys to sign him to a good deal. “I’m sorry everybody and I don’t want to be insensitive, but while everybody’s mad about the video, we should sign him to a long-term deal now,” Irvin said. “It was so impressive to see that, it was mind-boggling impressive.”

Boyz will be Boyz! I mean, football wise, Irvin’s 100% right. Greg Hardy is a freak of nature and would absolutely accept a long term extension on the cheap right now. It would be a great decision if life were solely based on business, but it’s not. Hell, even Hardy probably realizes he’s the scum of the Earth, and that man doesn’t realize much. But I don’t blame Micahel Irvin for these comments. Why? Because Michael Irvin doesn’t know any better. He lived through being a coked-up, hooker infested, airplane orgy captain and yet still hauled in 3 rings with a HOF career. If he can got away with being a talented piece of shit, why can’t anyone else? As long as you perform on the field who gives a hoot. Forget the fact Hardy was found GUILTY of beating the royal piss out of his ex-girlfriend, (who he then bought off from testifying during the appeal which led to the DE walking free). It’s not like he pulled a Rae Carruth, right? His girl at least lived. Greg Hardy’s a playmaking piece of shit. And apparently that’s exactly what this league and world needs to reward.