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The Barstool Sports Twitter Account Just Got Shut Down By Roger Goodell





They are gonna hear about this at my next Twitter shareholder meeting I can promise you that! This is so fucking frustrating. It’s not even that Roger Goodell tattled to Twitter and made Twitter take down our twitter account. It’s not even that I’m a majority stakeholder in twitter. Nope it’s the fact that Twitter shut down Deadspin and SB Nation before us. They get all the glory and get to play Martyr while nobody gives a fuck that we just died. Such a fucking slap in the face. Name 1 writer at either of those companies. You can’t! They are all nameless squids. Meanwhile we’re busting our humps over here day in and day out making people laugh and we can’t even get banned first. Jack Dorsey might as well take out a white glove and slap me in the face with it. Now the question is how fast will we be reinstated? For some reason the entire internet acted like it was some great injustice when Deadspin got taken down.


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Meanwhile I sent out a couple of tweets I’d like to have back right about now…

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Anyway Deadspin was back up and running before you could blink. I got a feeling we’ll be down for a fucking month because we get no respect. Oh and if you think this will unite the Clans and somehow we’ll become besties with Deadspin you don’t know jack about how my brain works. I’ll fight 20 wars on 20 different fronts till we conquer the world or get annihilated. Allies are for suckers. Famous last words…REINSTATE BARSTOOL!


PS – It’s amazing how backwards the NFL and MLB is.   Accounts like ours that post 20 second gifs of funny moments and weird shit help grow and spread the game.  It helps reach a younger generation who don’t consume media the traditional way those idiots in the boardrooms grew up with.   Trying to stop gifs and social media from growing is like trying to stop the tides from coming in.  It’s impossible.  Deleting accounts only pisses the people off who the leagues should be working with.  But you can’t control it or change it by deleting a few accounts.  That won’t stop anything.  It’s impossible to control.  The fact they can’t understand that and their thinking is so backwards is MIND BOGGLING.  It’s almost like they think print and radio still rule the world. Change is coming whether they like it or not.  Adapt or die.