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Win For Ruben

Do I want Chase Utley or someone on the Dodgers to catch a ball to the head? Yes. Yes I do. I’m openly rooting for Chase Utley to get in a car accident.

But do I want that more than a win tonight? No. Absolutely not. There is not anything in the world I want more than Matt Harvey to pitch a gem tonight. I dont want extra baserunners. I dont need any extra drama. We dont need bulletin board material. We dont need the extra added pressure of trying to exact vengeance. Winning playoff games are hard enough as it is. The Mets barely get the opportunity to do so. I dont want some washed up has been doing his best Ty Cobb impression to derail the Mets entire postseason.

And neither does Ruben Tejada. He doesnt care about Chase Utley having a bruise on his back after a Harvey fastball. He cares about this team winning. He cares about this team’s postseason continuing. Thats what we all should want.

Sure, if the stars align and its a blow out, I wouldnt mind a reliever putting one in somebody’s back. But that is a very very very distant second to Harvey pitching a gem. Pitch inside. Own that plate. Stomp around on that mound like a bull seeing red. But stay in that game, on that mound, until we have a W all wrapped up.