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Francesa Bringing Will From Queens To The Game Tonight

Previously, Will From Queens Crying on air today:


What a dramatic ending to the Will From Queens saga! Out of every Mets fan out there, the blown call on the Utley Slide hit Will From Queens the hardest. Weeping like a baby to Francesa. And the phone call goes viral and Will is the butt of everyone’s jokes and goes down in infamy, only to get the greatest prize of all…a playoff baseball game with The Pope. Legit cant think of a better way to watch a ball game than with commentary from Numbah One while sitting behind home plate. An incredible display of kindness and generosity from Francesa. Its like the day the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes.

PS – I should say, I hope this is the ending to the Will From Queens saga. Because Will seems like the type who may have a screw loose. I mean who the fuck doesnt have cable? Thats some Pre-Crime shit right there. I dont want to hear about Francesa getting stabbed or attacked or something. I hope Mike has a ticket for Julio too. He’s gonna need some protection from this weirdo tonight.