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Top QB Recruit Dwayne Haskins Has No Problem With The Coaching Change At Maryland

So Randy Edsall is officially gone. After 5 bad years and Maryland he has been shown the door. There was a lot of worry pre-firing that the recruiting class coming in next season, headlined by stud QB Dwayne Haskins, might change their commitments. Didn’t happen. It appears Haskins committed even harder, if that’s even possible. These local kids are committed to #TheMovement, the Maryland movement to keeping local kids at home and building the program. Have to love his loyalty. He wants to be the guy who really puts Maryland on the map again for football.

Meanwhile, OC Mike Locksley has been name interim head coach. He’s one of the best recruiters out there, he’s basically the reason all these top recruits have committed to the Terps, but he kinda sucks as a coach. He went 2-26 as a head coach at New Mexico. Again…great recruiter…not too great of a coach. They have to say he’s in the discussion to be the head coach next year, but that’s only because they made him the interim head coach and it’d be kind of fucked up to straight up say “no, he has no shot at the job” when realistically if he actually has a shot at the job they should just cancel the football program.

There’s only one man for this job anyway….

All we need is for the Eagles to go 4-12 and Chip decide he wants to build Maryland with Under Armour the same way he built Oregon with Nike out west. Not that far fetched right? Riiiiight? Cool. 3% chance? I’ll take it.

(I know it’s very, very unlikely Chip is coming but a man can dream.)