Guy Putting For First Eagle Ever Gets His Dreams Smashed By His Asshole Friend

via GQ 



If that’s real, and I have serious doubts that it is, but if that’s real then that guy has a license to kill his friend in cold blood with zero legal repercussions. No jail time, no community service, no parole. He won’t even have to go to court. He’d walk away scot-free. I’ll even give him a high five after he does it.  Torture the guy. Waterboard him. Make it the worst and most painful death possible. Do it for every weekend hack who dreams of making an eagle one day. You never rob somebody the opportunity of making an eagle. Ever. Who does that? I don’t know a single person who would do something so evil. That’s because my friends are normal people and aren’t monsters. It wouldn’t matter if he murdered his friend on the pitcher’s mound at Wrigley Field tonight during the NLDS in front of millions and millions of people. He wouldn’t get convicted.  We’d all say it was an accident or self defense. Any friend who does that isn’t a real friend.